My parrot will pose while holding a sign for $5
Meet DINGO! My feathered friend. For $5 I will have Dingo my Parrot, hold a tiny sign that is just his size while he strikes a pose for the camera. I will write anything you want on a tiny sign then get Dingo (my parrot) to pose while holding the sign. I have to take a bunch of pictures to get just the right one but, I am willing to take however many Pictures I need to in order to get you that perfect one.
Sign is about 2 inches wide. So make sure your message is not too long. If you do happen to have a long message you can request an additional sign for FREE that will stand alone beside Dingo the parrot.
For $5 dollars more you can purchase a gig extra and get a white background or color of your choice.
You can get this delivered to you within 24 hours for just $5 more dollars.
For an extra $20 dollars I will make the background anything you request!

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