My parrot wishes you a Happy Birthday

CURRO My Tres Marias Double Yellowhead parrot is a wonderful soprano( or tenor) He even has an operatic vibrato

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  1. Yes, it's a beautiful show but it needs to remind you guys that we humans don't have any rights to keep these birds out of freedom …. All the birds are made up to be flying in freedom not to be imprisoned by humans…

  2. I have posted another of Curro: "El Curro Singing in English and Spanish" 5:43 minutes

  3. I've been training my Curro to talk and sing for 32 years … he is NOT fake …

  4. this is awesome Carmen 🙂 Happy Birthday to U then 🙂

  5. That was totally EPIC! Curro actually combined two different birthday songs into one (Happy Birthday song & They Say It's Your Birthday"). Now ya gotta teach him to sing "Flappy Bird-Day To You". Curro is one VERY smart bird! I hope to see a lot more of more of Curro on Facebook. I have a TAG (Timneh African Grey) and belong to a lot of Facebook groups that I'll list below where I show off my precious fid (feathered kid). You can join all the Facebook groups for free of course. A ton of like-minded parrot & bird parronts (parents) from all over the world post information and pics & videos of their fids (feathered kids). We all have a blast bragging allAbout our feathered angels! To join the groups below, go to Facebook, log into your account and then search for the groups below:
    To join the below groups you must be signed into your Facebook account if you have one. If so, then do a search to find each group, go to each page and click the blue "Join Group" button & wait to get approved which is usually done quickly. Once your join request is approved, you can then begin sharing Curro with everyone in the groups. It's SO much FUN!!! And you can ask questions and share knowledge like good things to feed parrots, questions & concerns and to get great advice. I enjoy all the pics & videos!
    GROUPS TO JOIN:- Parrot Bytes- Parrots Are Awesome – VIP- Parrots….Show & Tell- Cockatoos, Macaws, And All Else- Cockatoos/Parrots & Friends Bird Talk- Amazon Parrots- Amazon Parrots Unite!- Macaw and Other Parrots- African Grey Parrots and Amazon Parrots Connections
    There is also a page that does not require joining that you just "Like" called "Parrot Humor" that's a lot of fun! I go there to get some good laughs. 🙂

  6. this is my baby and I have had him 32 years. I am a lyric soprano and he sounds like me … vibrato and all