Neighborhood Parrots

Amber and I were visited by the Neighborhood parrots today.


The type of sketchbook I use is the Earthbound Cachet sketchbook. Get it here:

The white pen I use is a White Gelly Roller Gel pen available at most arts and crafts stores, or on Amazon:

Red/Blue Colored pencil from Prismacolor –

I’ve made two videos talking about the types of drawing supplies I use:

And another demonstrating them:

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  1. A Nat Geo documentary "Neighbourhood Parrots"
    by Will Terell

  2. Now I remember again how boring germany is… o-o

  3. Hiya. I just want you to know I went through most of your videos and I love them. You are awesome as an illustrator and as a person. You inspired me to keep drawing and I am very thankful. Have your fingers crossed for me. I'm on my way to be an appreciated artist

  4. That's pretty awesome, people have to remember to get out of themselves and enjoy the beauty that is in life.

  5. I wonder how Will reacted " Oh well time to get my sketchbook .. HereHere Birdy Birdy " x) ahah

  6. I wanna move there! Yesterday I got out, and the air was hurting my face… why do I live where air hurt my face?

  7. I live in New York and we've got these all over. Apparently they escaped an airport a few decades back, and with no natural predators they multiply like crazy. It's pretty great, having snow up to my neck and parrots on my fence. 

  8. Yes its all very cute until you hear a loud hum, and then a BANG! and the power goes out on your street for half a day because a parrot decided to perch on a transformer. Make sure you save your work Will…often. =)

  9. These are everywhere. I am Dutch. They seem to takeover everything. Like, giving other birds a hard time.

  10. Even the pigeons in california are dressed for the red carpet.

  11. u guys are lucky to have parrots. up here in canada we've got polar bears roaming around. every once in a while they'll come into one of our igloos and chill for a while until we ask them politely to leave

  12. Awesome video on them, Will! Parrots are cute and so colorful, should try draw them.

  13. Were you guys able to take your cats with you when you moved now?

  14. You should do some birds sketching or animals sketching or whatever sketching in addition to peoples sketching. Id watch it :)

  15. Aww~ I wish we had birds like that around here. All we have a pigeons and black birds. Don't get me wrong. I love my pigeons. But these are so beautiful.