nicki parrott /I love the way you’re breakin’ my heart

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  1. Nikki you sound so great – you are obviously very talented – and you came from Australia, my country, too. I am a Stephanie Trick fan and you and she sound tops in some of your groups on YouTube. I look forward to hearing more of the 2 of you.
    Geoff Woods @ Tasjazz

  2. Same here. Susan is such a great actress. How sexy she is.
    "Bernard" is also a great actor. Loved his performance.

  3. このセカンドで完全火がついたオーストラリアン女性ベーシスト、ニッキ・パロット、ハリー・アレンのテナーと粋な歌がそそった"ILoveTheWayYou'reBreakin'MyHeart" #jazzm

  4. @enigmaticneer The Peggy Lee versio from Bernard and Doris is very hard to find I had it at one time got it off of YouTube and converted it to a mp3 then my hard drive crashed and I lost it, and haven't been able to find it since.

  5. beautiful song………. i was searching this song from such a long long time…..

  6. I've just heard this song in Bernard and Doris, and i fall in love with this song♥