Nighthawks LIVE at the Green Parrot!

The Nighthawks Live at the Green Parrot in Key West March 3rd 2007

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  1. Ah man, this video freaks me out. I never missed these guys back in College Park! Course, Thakery is gone, but Wenner and Zukowski (sp? bass player) really kept that band together. Still the best. Damn.

  2. The Nighthawks will be playing Nov 11th in Richmond, IL at The Odd Fellows Lodge.

  3. These are some of the most down to earth guys I have ever met. I'm honored to be able to call these guys my brothers and my friends! See ya guys in November here in IL!

  4. I can't love these guys any more than I have for the last 24 years… I'm the diehard fan…Mark & the guys are the best!!

  5. Why aren't these guys household names? Well they are in my house! Probably the best version of the 'Hawks yet. Everyone needs to see this band live.

  6. If the Hawks are playing your town and you don't get yer ass out to see them, you're making a real big mistake! Keep on rockin the house boys! All the best from Tim&Fran.. (see you real soon!)