Nikita – My African Grey Parrot.

This Female African Grey Parrot will be 2 years old on April 22nd 2016.

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  1. I realize that parrots require alot of attention but that should NEVER cause you to ignore and neglect your child. Your daughter asked you a question 4 times before you reluctantly answered her, with a annoyed tone of voice. We can even see your reflection in the mirror at 2:25 and it looked like that stupid parrot had you in a deep trance and you were in the same room as your daughter and didnt answer her. Whenever your child speaks to you or calls your name you need to answer her the first time! What if shes in trouble and needs your help. And she is calling, calling, calling your name but your in a trance somewhere. Your daughter may be too young to know what ignore and neglect means. But i gaurantee you that she knew that you were not paying any attention to her. Thats really messed up.