Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – It’s A Beautiful World (Official Lyric Video)

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘It’s A Beautiful World’ (Official Lyric Video)
Listen to ‘It’s A Beautiful World’:

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‘It’s A Beautiful World’:
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  1. I don’t like Holy Mountain. I like Fort Knox but it’s so compressed you can’t hear all the different parts clearly. She Taught me to Fly is average. This is a good song but the French bird shouting in the middle is totally unnecessary and adds nothing to the song. It’s not experimental it’s pretentious and Noel’s music has always been free of that. It’s a sign of his producer having too much input.

    I have no problem with Noel experimenting but I want it to come from him, not his producer. I’d have preferred him to use The Chemical Brothers as producers. They would have helped him change his sound but not took over. I love Noel’s first two albums but he’s acting like he’s about to release a modern day Revolver, a huge leap forward when it’s just a step sideways.

  2. stop comparing this to oasis! this is a totally different thing if you want to enjoy this listen to this with no oasis in mind. This is kinda space psychedelic and oasis was britpop its different genres. I hate the fact that artists evolve but fans do not! This is a very beautiful song if you keep your 'oasis' expectations to yourself.
    ps I'm a huge oasis fan myself

  3. This album is like Noel continuing on from Falling Down. Glad to see him grow musically. The part at 4 mins is amazing.

  4. Not keen on the album version preferred the live version on jools Holland show

  5. This has balls. I mean, you can joke abot scissors all you want, but this song is ballsy.

  6. Pretty good, Better than holy mountain what a god awful song that is.