Onni the Cockatoo Has Happy Tap Dancing Feet!

I realize this video is already up. It was automatically uploaded when I put it on my Rumble account. I’m not sure how that happened at all. So, here it will stay until I figure this out or can even do anything at all with it)
One day, Onni tapped his feet on a table while playing with us. We though it was so cute, we mimicked him by drumming our fingers back at him on the table. Next thing we knew it was a game with us going back and forth! His tap dancing developed more and more over time. So then we taught him to do “stompy feet” on the floor and furniture. Next thing we knew he was a happy tappy stompy feet bird. I’ve never seen another large bird or cockatoo taught how to do this before.

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If you want to say hello to Onni:
Onni Bird Stout
5928 Hixson Pike
suite A-188
Hixson, TN 37343

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  1. Did Onni start the stomping of the feet before your son did the rapid hand tapping on the floor or did Onni start doing it after your son did the tapping?

  2. I'm happy to see the video again. Maybe I could learn some tap dancing from Onni. Lol. 😃😃😃

  3. It's very much like that parrot is wearing skies on his feet, very cute.

  4. He reminds me of Angel with his antics and gestures, but that little tappy feet thing that Onni does with his feet is Onni's own special dance. I must say Onni, you do know how to get your jam on!!

  5. Onni is the cutest cockato on you tube!🤗😍😚❤ I love his little stomping feet!🕊🌹

  6. I had been watching this moment 0:42 million times! Sooo funny and cute! Onni, you are the best, birdie!

  7. that is OK with me love watching all the time it so adorable and funny