Orange-winged amazon parrot whistles

Angelina gets excited when I come home from school. My mother actually came in first, and she offered no reaction. But when I entered, she went through her daily repertoire for me. I am flattered to be her ‘chosen person’. lol

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  1. Yes, it’s true that Amazons will DEFINITELY play favorites. My mom is our Blue-Fronted Amazon Felix’s number one, as she was the first to socialize him upon bringing him home, but because she works long hours during the day, I eventually became his number two. Unfortunately, after a while he became very protective, and so he’s very agressive towards my poor sister.

  2. Use the sounds for a dub-step song it will sound great. Ps love the bird

  3. hello what a great parrot you have I have a orange wing as well and she’s quiet only chirps five or six times a day and she will goose honk when I’m too close (she’s adopted and not tame yet) do you leave any CDs or movies on I’d like to train like this as well as a lot of interaction. Thanks

  4. Yeah, I have an Amazon who goes NUTS when I come home and when I leave, lol….he’s associate me putting on a hoody to me leaving the house….so now even when I’m just cold and thrown one on he throws a fit >_>

  5. our amazon loves listning to this video. He makes all kinds of noised when he hears it

  6. Nice video. I can tell you care a lot about your bird. She looks very happy and has a very nice cage. Check out my video, I have a Mexican Redhead Amazon. To the person below: yes, Amazons are a lot louder than ringnecks. My amazon imitates my cocktiel’s shriek, except it’s amplified 20x and is very annoying.

  7. I don’t know, I’ve never kept Indian Ringnecks, but Amazons can be pretty darned loud!

    This is just her being happy… you should see her when she’s UPSET. You can feel your ears ringing with each blood-curdling shriek she lets out!