Padmaavat & The Parrot – Stand-up Comedy by Varun Grover

The complete and uncensored Padmaavat is here. Enjoy, like, and share.

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Video credits:

Shot and edited by: Nanak Bhatia

Audio Production: Sreejith Menon

Venue: The Habitat – Comedy and Music Cafe (Mumbai)

Special Thanks: Abhishek Upmanyu

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  1. bhai aur to shi h
    pr ek baat bta dijiye
    ye kese bola ki
    me to Rajasthan wese hi na jau..
    give any reason bhaisaab

  2. Wow kmal kr tiya😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😯😯😯

  3. Sale tujhe agar ek se jyada dislike de sakta toh jarur deta , Rajasthan aa mat jana

  4. Hansté Hansté kahi lag na jaye hum rasté !
    Karma : The etarnal law of cause and effect :::》 There will be consequences & equitable rewarding & repercussions there off. So think before we speak and act and not because our Dil feels so , coz Nu Age Logic seems to be faltering at it seams full of contridictions and intolerance towards another worldview. This will tear the world apart in no time.

  5. Hi Shib,

    I get your point. However I would like to present the core oof Bharatvarsh.'s eternal guiding philosophy – " Karma ".
    Karma has been without any confusion, contradiction, ambiguity, obfuscation unequivocally put forth as the guiding forces behind each utterance. .. I. E. We are first supposed to foresee the consequences before we utter a single word or push onto motion any action at all times. How many of "Us Indians" know our guiding principles well b4 jumping d bandwagon of fabian English logic !!!!

    Professing modern fabian English logic which has been 'Leftists ', let's turn it onto its own head. Yeah !
    Being so sensitive towards fellow humans and professing undying love for democracy and freedom of expression ….. then by this definition or subject to use – even the last dissenters need to be heard and taken cognizance there off. ….. did that happen in India ??? Anyone !!!!!
    So it's basically a highly selective application of democracy.
    The bigger questions remaining unanswered since last 70 years is
    1) Was the waste majority ( presuming that your definition for democracy remains Majority Rules) of Bharatvarsh ever consulted or asked (Via referendum ) if they would like to be a Hindu democratic Republic or the Socialist (I wonder how a Democracy can be socialist after having studied Economics in school and graduation) Democratic Republic post division of Bharatvarsh on how 15 August , 1947 ? As per democratic principles were the people of Modern 'India' , extended that courtesy?
    2) Who upsured that right of the people and why?
    3) Again as per point 1, is your current constitution sensitive enough so as to be capable of fulfilling the aspirations of the people and it's culture? Is your Constitution culturally and tradionally aligned to the land and it's multi cultural people?
    3) How dare the government in power during emergency days on 1976 insert " Secularism" , again with the consent of the people and is it appropriate for a diverse nation like ours lest it create fiction amongst communities and eventually Balkanise the entire nation , leave alone being aligned to the traditions of this land !!!!

    And what was the core of the land ……. Meritocracy if I am not wrong. And what have we ended up creating ?

    So when the child starts protesting for Aazadi just b'coz mom didn't cook Maggie ….. is this the logic you want to build your future society on !!!!!

    I have been a student of history and I have learnt only one lesson –

    " The races who fudge and falsify their own history are condemned to their irreversible doom".
    History is an unforgiving master if civilizations commit mistakes. And history is always written by the Victor in his own language and not yours.

    One must bear in mind that our culture has been the most abused, assaulted and subverted one ( largest single race slaughter in the last 2000 years of human history – 80 + million) so much so that we modern day progeny are unaware of our glorious past and the greatest deeds and feats of our forefathers. If we try to relearn our past we are poised to greatest achievements in the near future full of positive Bharatvasi's all around. In this there is no Caste and Creed involved. We are one. And the power of One is tremendous.

    These are just my thoughts whom you have all rights to differ with.

    Ram ! Ram ! Amen ! Alaha Hafiz !

  6. madherchod tu jha kon bulaya rajasthan. galti se v mat aana nehi tho tu kum ho ja a ga bhosdiwala

  7. Good job tum log sirf majak uda sakte respect nai kar sakte. Majak udae v q na dhanda jo h paisa kamane k. Agar jitni galiya hamare historican legend ko die utni galiya Karani sena ko dete tab mante. Sale jitne sare stand up comedian h apne aap k star samjhne lagte hai #chutia. B.c

  8. Very bad …aise kisi bhi insaan ke bare galat kehna ka koi hak nahi hai…..ise kon hai yeh varun grover…dusro par commnet krna aasan hai …but unke jaiss kaam krna mushkil….very hurt with varun grover lines…kisi bhi celebrity ka majak nahi banana chahiye ise…..very bad very bad…

  9. Stand up comedy is so fake in India. Not sure if even half the audience laugh genuinely