My Parrot’s First Day Home, Parrot Taming Secrets | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

My Parrot’s First Day Home, Parrot Taming Secrets | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

Hello parrot lovers,
I am so excited to release this video to you!! I wasn’t expecting to make this video subject today but when I woke up this morning, it seemed right. 💖 So welcome to My parrot’s first day home, Parrot Taming Secrets!

I hope you enjoy this parrot taming video, there may be some things similar in this video to my old parrot taming video but this video covers specifically what to do on your bird’s first day home.

Please let me know in the comments what you think and if it helped you at all, you guys have been with me for so long now, it means so much to me to know if I am helping:) I know some of you are already parrot taming experts… and that’s why I think you will enjoy my speech at the end because, I know you are all here because we all have the same goal…to Engage our Parrots and Not Cage them!!

Tonight while waiting for this video to upload after it failed quite a few times, we hit 18,000 subscribers (by we, I mean, all of you viewers, me and the flock…and especially you flocks)

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Secret to Get Your Bird to be Petted Trick ! | DETAILED

Secret to Get Your Bird to be Petted Trick ! | DETAILED

Hundreds of Bird Lovers asked us how to be able get our bird used to being petted and Bird Tameness asked Parrot Whisperer to discuss this topic and Parrot Whisperer shows you a step-by-step, detailed instructional guide!. For GUARANTEED Success, please follow each and every step and apply it on your bird. These same exact steps have helped parrot whisperer train all his birds to be petted and helped hundreds of bird lovers!.

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Senor Verde The Red Headed Mexican Parrot

Senor Verde The Red Headed Mexican Parrot


Salt Cell Cleaning and Salt Pool Care:

There have been some request for a video on my parrot Senor Verde so here it is. My son has also been asking for a video on the bird.

I rescued him in Pasadena California last year where they hang out all year round. Flocks number in the hundreds in this area of California. He was on the ground with an injured wing. He still has trouble with one wing and he still can’t fly.

He has a great personality for a bird and he can say a few words now like “Hello,” “Hello Parrot,” “Caleb” and some other gibberish type words. I think with enough time – they can live up to 45 years I can expand his vocabulary.

Okay, so if you want a parrot there are a few things you should know. They can get annoyingly loud – especially at dawn and dusk. I solve this problem by putting him in his cage in the garage at dawn for a couple of hours and then again at dusk for an hour or so. Problem solved. They can also get loud when company comes over, so again I put him in his garage cage for the duration of the visit. They can also chew up important papers if you let the bird out of the cage and are not careful (I did that once). They do need time outside the cage and don’t necessarily need to leave the cage area as Senor Verde enjoys just walking on top.

So the bird is a n excellent pet if you are aware of the down side. He is very entertaining and very affectionate too.

For more on Wild California Parrots see this Website:

Here is a video spotlighting California Wild Parrots:

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How to Use Food as a Training Tool | Parrot Training

How to Use Food as a Training Tool | Parrot Training

We have been getting a lot of questions lately where Hundreds of bird lovers understand that Training Process and have followed our videos but are struggling .\r
This year why not deep fry your bird. Learn how to make the ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey: Perfect Parrot Products Parrots Educational .\r
We are thinking this is a very intelligent bird. We had the leftover baby bird food formula out on the counter while we were putting a baby bird back onto the .\r
Welcome to the official and one and only one Bird Tameness, Our aim is to help world wide bird lovers, owners , rescuers and utilise all the birds needs.

African Grey parrots living outdoors in Norway

African Grey parrots living outdoors in Norway

Mario and Zarah has been outside past 3 days and nights. Both seem very content, and having Fuchsia as garnish on their lunch is something Mario really enjoys.
soaked, cooked and mashed red+ black beans+ cooked and mashed sweet-potato+ parboild broccoli ripped apart+ 2 chopped Brazilnuts and walnuts+ some chopped pumkinseeds and Fuchsiaflowers as garnish.

Playing Cockatoo | Parrot Toys

Playing Cockatoo | Parrot Toys

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I am making DIY Parrot Toys

I am making DIY Parrot Toys

I am making DIY Parrot Toys

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