Parrot chased by a crow

This video is of Roku when he was about….. 6 months old.
It was our first time at this location and we were just trying out our new whistle.
A crow chased Roku off but thanks to our training he was able to navigate his way back to rally point, and perhaps follow the annoying whistle blasts :p
These days it’s Roku who does the chasing haha

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  1. Nice little "Ta-Da!" At the end lol. It's awesome your bird likes you enough to come back!

  2. Hah! You can tell he's happy to be back. Good for you human for not freaking out. I may have been somewhat concerned, but you didn't cuss under your breath or say anything worrisome about what was happening. You just maintained consistency and eventually he came back. Good job!

  3. It's like he was imitating the crow's call to tell you that a crow was chasing him