Parrot Foraging Wheel | Parrot Toys

How to use this toy.

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  1. Check out my birds Iv budgies and eggs so updates soon about baby budgies

  2. when i see toys like these or feeding tubes similar like this i cringe because the first bird I ever had died because of one of these types of feeding toys. He was a small love bird and the food was too deep so in the process of him reaching for it he got his beak stuck and he suffocated to death. I wasnt aware of this but when i came back he was no longer making noise so i checked on him and i found him stuck to the food toy dead :[ I hate these things.

  3. Should you put this in a cage with a bird and just remove other food to get him to start using it or have other food as well ?

  4. How do you motivate Bandit to do that? Some parrots would just give up if they can't get the treat easily.