Parrot Soothing | Continuous Sound

This video is soothing Parrot White Noise for you to play while you’re away. Babies love white noise because it reminds them of the womb, but parrots love white noise because it is a continued even noise that doesn’t hurt their ears, drowns out exterior sounds from other birds outside, and helps create a sleep-comfortable enviornment versus dead silence, while you are away. Vacuum cleaners when out of sight, treadmills running, and dishwashers are all examples of other continuous noises in the home that can help soothe a parrot, but might not be able to play in the background while you are away. Leave playing all day while you are working, let this play while you are doing house work, etc. for a more calm and relaxed parrot. Do try and slowly introduce this noise while you are with you parrot, during the down time of the day, to coax into a comfortable state.

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