PARROT TALK #9 My Harlequin Macaw loves being outside

Hello fans of feathered friends! Since Rocky my Harlequin Macaw has been a TALK FLOCK favorite, I have started making some overview videos of him and his life.

In this video I talk a little bit about Rocky and his daily routine. As you meet Rocky more and get to know him more, I will go in to more details on each subject but I thought it would be fun for you to get to know them each first:)

When we first got Rocky, he was untouchable but now look at him!!!
One thing to notice in this video in particular is that even though he is in his own environment and pretty high up on his cage, he still wants to be as close as possible. If you see any kind of Developments like these in your bird, this is a good sign…as long as he is not charging at you in attack…lol

Rocky still has some ways to go but every development is exciting! Some birds make progress slower than others, you just need patience! I love when Rocky shows that he wants to be included, There’s nothing better than knowing you gave a bird a second chance!

Don’t lose hope it is possible to get a vicious bird to come around!! Especially if the bird was loving before.

All birds deserve to have a happy life. Lets take steps together to educate people on birds and get them all out of their cages as much as possible!

I love it when I get new subscribers !! 🙂 So to see more PARROT TALK videos please join my TALK FLOCK and lets save these birds together!!!

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  1. Im like… ACTUALLY in love with Rocky. Oh my gaaawwwwwd. He is just the most adorable big boy.

  2. this might be a stupid question… but, he doesnt scape??!

  3. Wow you name is almost identical two mine Marlene my name is Marlana nice 😄😄😄.

  4. To all bird owners – please DO NOT leave your birds outside of their cage outdoors alone. You will not have them long. They can fly when clipped, hawks can still get to birds under awnings, too many people have list their beloved pet because they left it alone outside and not safe in their cage.
    I cannot count the calls I have received for lost birds. few are ever found.
    Your birds should be in their cage when outside. they will feel more loved when protected. It only takes a second for your bird to fly away forever.

  5. "This bell, he gets really excited about. He loves to uh puke on it." LOL you gotta love birds