Parrot Tricks from Apollo the Sun Conure Parrot Apollo the sun conure parrot loves to fly around out side and will even let me toss him in the air. He’s a good sport. He usually doesn’t even want a treat, he loves the attention.

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  1. I noticed you were with à jacket on and there was no leaves on thé trees. How cold can thèse birds get. Can they survive a winter in pennsylvania in an Outdoor aivery .

  2. hi bro (nasser khalid) would you sell you penis (Mr Winkie)

  3. You can build trust and spend time whith him, that should make training easier.

  4. What age can I start training a sun coneur? I got a two months old and not very good in eating on its own. So how do I offer treats during training?

  5. What kind of a parrot is this?? I mean what is this parrots type??

  6. How did you trust your bird to stay? I have a sun conure, and I’d feel he would not fly away because he is attached to me and always likes to stay with me whenever I take him out. I kind of want to let him grow his wings back and see how he does flying.

  7. mine, and from what I’ve found, almost all Sun Conures *obviously depending on individual* tend to only make their shrill “flock call” if their “flock mates” aren’t visible, or if they want attention for the most part. if they feel threatened they will squawk and nip as well, and also in my parrot’s case, when he needs to take a deuce he’ll warn me by making noise if he’s in a position where bombs are gonna drop on me.

    Overall, at least in my case, they do make noise, but it isn’t constant.

  8. How old was Apollo when u got him? What age do u recommend getting a sun conure to bond well with the owner. Some rescue onces are 5yrs old so u think they will be trainable and bond at that age? Thanks.

  9. I’m thinking about getting a sun conure..but I don’t no if I should clip his wings or not.HELP ME CHOOSE!! Inbox or comment….

  10. He will fly away. Something could startle your bird and it will fly away unless its wing feathers are clipped.

  11. I have a green sided conure called Zephyr, he’s 4 months old and he bites people all the time and hes very loud.

  12. How do you teach him to stay still when you tossed him in the air? PLEASE REPLY!

  13. Funny bc I was also going to name my sun Apollo but my mom came up with the most original name …. Sunny He has just got used to the stepping up on hands he is a year old and I love him bc he AWESOME but my sun doesn’t have his feathers very full on the head like your does idk wat is happening
    We rescued Him 6 months ago and thought he would be full headed plz help

  14. I have a sun conure too, but I’m scarded that he will fly away if I take him outside, but we are strongly bonded together. What should I do?

  15. I have a sun conure too. Hos name is Bazinga. Are they easily trainable?

  16. aww wow m bird doesnt do tht… am my bird is losing some feaers is tht a probelm?

  17. very nice parrot. how could i teach my galah to stay outside without his ings clipped or him flying away from me?

  18. Apollo is amazing and so clever!! My Sun Archie can pretty much do all those tricks lol. I’ve got a question Jon, Archie makes the exact same chatty like ‘merp’ noises just as Apollo does, all the time. Sorry if these are stupid questions but i’ve heard that not all Suns make that same noise all the time, is it more of a male thing when they do that? Or have i got it all mixed up? Or do they pick up the noises from somewhere? Just curious, thank you so much! 🙂 i love all of your videos!

  19. Apollo is a Sun Conure. I have one called Archie, and i love him to bits! 🙂

  20. i just love conures but with two cats I don’t want to tempt fate.

  21. AHAHAH, awesome parrot and fantastic tricks 😀

    Apollo is also a great name 😀