Parrot Watching Other Parrots on YouTube

KC the sun conure just ADORES all other birds, even those he sees in pictures and videos. Watch him try to kiss and play with these cute sun conures on this phone!

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  1. Excuse me bro I have a question I'm buying Son conure and I need help to know how much they r pls Help 🙁

  2. Hi Mizzy, great video, KC is quite a funny bird! I'm Connor and I work at Newsflare, we're a video agency that licenses user generated videos to news organisation and production companies. I think this and your other videos could do great. If you are interested please email me at You can check out our website is where you'll find us. Thanks!

  3. Oml its probably good i wasnt there because i would have Cuddled* it to death qwq

  4. Your channel is growing really fast! Nice! And KC is cute as ever, lol 🙂