Parrots Kili & Truman Moving to New House Video of how I moved to a new house with my parrots. In this video Kili & Truman leave their old cages behind and move in wit…

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  1. What kind of parrot is Truman? And what size cage would you recommend for a
    Senegal Parrot like Kili? ;)

  2. Are you worried that with having their cages so close that an accident
    might happen between Kili and Truman? You can’t supervise 24/7

  3. Nice . don’t you get worried what of they flew to the macaws area and she
    bites them. They might fight 

  4. Did put beds in their cages? Our yellowsided green cheek conure and miejer
    parrot love their beds even through we keep the temperature in their rooms
    around 70 to 74 °F. 

  5. my Senegal has had her King’s Cage for 16 years now and it is powder coated
    but has never rusted. have thought about getting her a new cage but after
    looking on-line, really not impressed with what I’ve seen as far as
    “upgrade” for the $$$.

    Michael, have you thought about contacting King’s or one of the other
    manufacturers and maybe designing one for the market???

    TOTALLY agree with you on the playtop subject, BTW. it really is a waste
    of money, for the most part.

  6. Hi Mikel !
    Can you please tell me the type of cage you use for Truman ? you know like
    A-19, A-20 and so…? I want to buy 1 for my cape parrot (Kuhper) … and
    what is the size of this cage ? I live in one-room apartment (30 meters)
    and i dont have to much place 🙁 . now i use A-11 and i want cage like
    yours or A-20.

  7. I would get depressed being in a room like that with no decent windows!!! 

  8. Hi I was wondering what the bar spacing was on Truman’s new cage? I love
    your new bird room setup it is super cool!

  9. I was watching this with my macaw and when you were like say hi he said Hi
    like really loud lol 

  10. I keep hoping to see more of you and your birds. So enjoyable to watch.
    Thank you for sharing. 

  11. Seems a bit unfair santina getting a huge space and kill and truman packed
    in a small room

  12. hey Michael – when are you coming to Florida, BTW??? St. Pete –
    Clearwater, I hope. please make sure to email me when you plan on coming.

  13. One person liked the video so much they had to flip their monitor and like
    it again

  14. hey micheal, i have a sun conure, a little over a year old now, and i will
    be going to egypt in the summer for about 40 days, and i will be travelling
    from place to place everyday and i dont know if i will have enough time
    with him there, plus he is not costum to travelling at all, im wondering if
    i should leave him with a friend here in canada or if i should take him
    with me, another thing i’m worried about is that he will not have enough
    time out of his cage if i leave him with a friend here, also im not sure
    what i need to do to travel with him, like does he need a health
    certificate or something? i really would like to consider your advice on
    this, thanks!

  15. the other room seemed bigger than this small one,and kili and truman seem

  16. My parrot doesn’t find Woden toys any fun he only like smooth and shiny
    things, any tips for toys that he would enjoy?