Parrots Swearing like humans l Compilation 3

Parrots Swearing like humans l Compilation
Funny Parrots Talking and Swearing and Singing
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  1. 4 fun I’m the boy who was arguing with the harliquin macaw did u ask for permission before. You had no consent of using are vid that is copy writing. I will let my mom know get back as soon as possible I want to talk to u about this.

  2. 2:48 If my green cheek conure could actually talk (he mimics a lot) when I put him in the cage, this would be his reaction. 😂

  3. I wonder can parrots pick up any language? Languages like dutch require a lot of throatwork, can parrots do that?

  4. at 0:50 i was waiting for that kid to get his face bitten….that poor bird dosnt deserve owners like them….

  5. I wonder what the first person who seen a parrot talk was thinking

  6. At 2:03 that birds gets all the ladies with that line and whistle. I'm gonna use that pick up line now.