Peaches, the Cockatoo, mimicking a couple arguing…hilarious!

Peaches, the cockatoo, mimics one of his owners arguing. She is hilarious.
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  1. This isn’t hilarious, this poor bird is scarred!
    It’s been adopted by this couple, after years of the original owners

  2. “I’m sick of you, Your life is right F-ing over with – garble :17 I will f
    you up, I will F- you up, I will cut you w this knife, I’m not screwing
    around, what the F you gonna do now, then some garble about locking in the
    bathroom 1:07 I gonna throw you right through the window, I will throw
    you right out the window, 1:18 I will F- you up” – yeah boy that’s
    hilarious alright. Not.

  3. ※ فيديو طريف جداً

    لبغبغاء “معقّد” من الشجارات الزوجية المستمرة
    في منزل مالكه السابق الواقع في إحدى الولايات الأمريكية ،
    حيث نقل البغبغاء طريقة الشجار حرفياً لمالكه الجديد ،
    وحصد الفيديو على عشرات الآلاف من المشاهدات

  4. That is so sad, I’m glad that bird is away from that couple now! 

  5. the poor bird has been driven mad by the screwed up couple. disturbing
    indeed. imagine if it was a child.

  6. This bird is doing fine now, so we don’t need to keep suffering over what
    it went through. Having said that, I was dying laughing because it sounded
    like my mother!
    We kids learned to handle her by laughing and not taking our miserable
    existence too seriously. We survived and are stronger for it. My mom also
    got out of that, but she was over 70 when she calmed down. Ten kids and an
    unfaithful husband might do that.

  7. WOW,that is some nasty fighting.
    I wonder if the original owners have seen this? lol

  8. Question to the owners: Has this bird had prior homes? If so, do YOU
    believe he’s “re-enacting” scenes from his past? Or, is he just talking a
    combo of gibberish and random phrases he’s heard in your home including on
    t.v.? The thing is, I’ve seen several Cockatoos on youtube act in this
    manner (strikingly similar to one another in terms of the dramatic fighting
    attitude in the voice, the flow of speach and placement if pauses;
    exagerrated “angry” body language etc. so I have to wonder whether this
    dramatic monologue which looks & sounds like anger to us, might be instead
    something else and something unique to this breeds behavior…??? I’ve not
    seen ANY other breed of parrot act like this but again, I’ve seen multiple
    Cockatoos act JUST LIKE this. (perhaps Cockatoos are more probe to have
    lived in “ghetto” households–LOL–But really though). Anyone have any
    insight into this behavior and is seemingly relative frequency among pet
    Cockatoos? Also, I dont really hear any of the stuff one Commenter claims
    to have heard (“I’ll cut you with this knife…Throw ypu right out the
    window…slut,” etc.) so I suspect everyone’s ear is different and each of
    us is prone to “hearing” whatever sounds closest to us to whatever thoughts
    are in our psyche at the time of our viewing. Anyone else agree? Or do
    others think he’s definitely speaking decipherable phrases?

  9. Mon gris gabonais fait la même chose xD En moins violent :)

  10. ببغاء يفضح المشاكل الزوجية.. لا عاد احد يشتري ببغاء هههههه

  11. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the birds gestures… I do wish
    we could all take a step back and look at how we act sometimes though. You
    can see the reflection of pain and heartache in this bird. In a positive
    note, the couple says that Peaches has started picking up much better
    phrases like, “I Love You” since they’ve had him. So his story does have a
    happy ending! :-)

  12. That poor bird!! I guess I never really thought how traumatic it is on the
    pets as well when couples fight like that. I feel so bad that bird had to
    endure that kind of stress. I am glad he got a better home and will get to
    learn love and kindness now. I always see broken homes where kids are
    effected but no one ever thinks about the pets. But this bird tells a
    story. The couple who owned it before should be embarrassed!!!

  13. I agree with Amy and others. The poor animal may well be traumatised.
    Imagine how long he must’ve listened to that fighting to remember all those
    words, and in order. This is not funny. I would be traumatised too if I had
    to be exposed to years of that. This is not funny. 🙁 

  14. Deze kakatoe imiteert de ruzies van het vorige baasje: is het niet een
    schande dat deze ex huisgenoot zó schreeuwt? Het arme beest. Ik heb heel
    erg medelijden met hem!! Wat kunnen mensen vreselijke wezens zijn!

  15. I hope she stops with the feather picking- she must have been terribly
    stressed. Her whole chest is bare. :(

  16. Saw this on the news this morning and they said the bird’s PREVIOUS owners
    divorced ( for good reason it seems) and the new owners are now having to
    hear the old arguments! Lol poor bird, hopefully the new household is much
    more calm and she can start growing her feathers back. :-)

  17. Oh, Elaine, your cockatoo just revealed your daily family secret, word for
    word oh my.

  18. This bird suffer a strong emotional distress from previous owner. :(

  19. The poor thing hate to see beautiful birds like that pull out their own
    feathers out of stress and frustration

  20. I heard a Spanish word “estupido” so I don’t understand a thing else lol

  21. WhY does the bird do that thing with his wing at the end? What does it

  22. That’s why I don’t get married. Peaches just showed me a page of married
    life, among other reasons.

  23. Papegaai herhaalt de huiselijke ruzies geleerd bij zijn vorige eigenaar.
    Fred, als je ruzie maakt, zet dan je papegaai weg!

  24. “Peaches, the Cockatoo, mimicking a couple arguing…hilarious!” check it