Perfect pet parrot – The Black Headed Caique

Caiques (Complete Pet Owner’s Manual)
From how to choose the ideal bird to building a rewarding relationship with your pet. Step-by-step directions for everyday care.

Amazoník čiernotemenný Pionites melanocephala.The Black Headed Caique can be the perfect pet parrot.
Video from Lubo Ondrasko

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  1. сыто орет соседи наверное с ума сходят

  2. Change the name to "Perfect pet parrot for terrorizing your neighbours. " lol 😂😂

  3. Fliegen die nicht weg? Dann würde ich auch so einen haben wollen. Oder zwei, …

  4. That would be a cool outdoor space IF you meshed off the balcony so he doesn't drop to his death when he gets a fright one day. Plus, please don't leave herbs near a bird and then punish him for trying to enjoy them.

  5. Please don't keep him open like that. A little bit of loud sound can scare them and they can easily try to jump or fly. Also it's a big risk they can slip and fall. Is he still there or any accident already happened?

  6. There is nothing wrong with allowing your bird to get some fresh air. In fact they need it and relish it. However, having spent the last 25yrs in the avian field working with both wild & exotic pet species including everything from Warblers to Birds of Prey and Budgies to Macaws. As well as owning a countless number of parrots varying in species from small to large. I have to say this is a VERY VERY irresponsible owner. The bird cut plummet to it's death, could VERY easily be snatched by a Bird of Prey and the owner wouldn't even know it…!!! Bottom line folks, I condone fresh air and your pet birds needing that Vitamin D for optimal plumage. But for the love of god PLEASE do it safely either in a large outdoor cage or aviary setting where they are safe…!!!

  7. having it that high up–the owner is powerless should something happen. Irresponsible.