Pet Birds : How to Teach a Pet Cockatiel to Talk

Teaching a pet cockatiel to talk is simple by repeating a phrase over and over, showing emotion when saying the desired phrase and rewarding the bird after it repeats the phrase. Get a cockatiel to start speaking, careful not to curse often around the bird, with information from a pet hobbyist in this free video on pet care.

Expert: Cordell Jacques
Bio: Cordell Jacques has worked in the pet industry for more than 10 years, currently working at Huron Pet Supply in Ann Arbor, Mich.
Filmmaker: Travis Waack

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  1. I Just Bougth A Semi Tamed Cockatiel He Said This To Me "Give Me Food Or I'll Kill Your Cockatiel" WEIRDO!

  2. I'm getting a baby cockkateil because I want him to bond with me baby birds bond easily but when they are like 2 yrs or 3yrs it's hard to bond with them

  3. My bird ONLY whistles or talks when he's alone in his room. If I go in, he clams right up. How can I reward him if he does not do it in front of me? Please help!!! I'd really like him to come out of his private rehearsals and perform for us!

  4. Why doesnt my female cockatiel bird talk ? Is it because its female ?

  5. My male cockatiel calls me twat wen I come near him I have never said that word so what do I do

  6. Can u do a demonstration with the bird saying something YOU taught it to say?

  7. This worked for me with my Male cockatiel (Leo) who prior to this acted as if i were 'satan' himself. Now he eats from my hand and perches on my hand to. Just be patient, and remember relationships with cockatiels are usually on their terms, any forcing and it will be back to square one with 0 trust. Hope i helped. Don't be so hard on yourself, go at the pace of the little guy/Girl. Good luck with your cockatiel.

  8. If you have a large cage then open the 'Door' and still keep the cage next to you, again reassuring him/Her. Do this for about 3-4 days. On the 5th day, see if you can put your hand in his/her cage to assure him/her that you are not going to hurt him/Her. Again reassure and speak to him/her in a soft voice.. Next take a stick of millet and let him/her come to you. Shorten the millet until it is literally in your hand, and her or she should have begun to trust you and eat from your hand..

  9. @ DistrictCustom, You're not doing anything wrong. Your Cockatiel just does not trust you 'yet'. Give him/Her time. Also, if he is 'untame' then you may be taking a risk letting him out of his cage, as getting him back into the cage may cause trouble if you have to suddenly dash off somewhere. Get your cage and put it right next to you, let your cocktiel see you moving around and doing general stuff like watching television. Every so often give him/Her reassurance…..