Pin Feathers on Parrots | Jinx

Someone recently asked about pin feathers so here is a video showing what they look like and how I help my birds with them.

Blog post:

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  1. My blue crowned conure has a bunch of pin feathers now they are so sensitive that if I pull too hard he will turn around and snap at me. This is a bird that is so friendly never bit anybody but they must really hurt

  2. Yup I do the same flocking behavior for us so we are all part of the flock and feeling connected. Love it but YES they can be very sensitive with the blood part in the soft shaft. So careful does it. 🙂

  3. Good video. How far down the feather do you crunch up ? I tend to do just the top white section of the pin feather.
    How often do your birds moult ?
    Here in the UK we get two lots of moulting a year (Spring and autumn) but I suspect because the UK's day length is quite different (6 hours winter and 17 hours summer)

  4. I just did my Quaker yesterday but the ones i can't get will they naturally come off?