Quaker Parrot helps save baby’s life

This is a sheer example of the power parrots have that we may not be able to comprehend. They can talk, fly (which is most important), and notice the same things we notice.

Generally, Quaker Parrots are known to have a small, soft voice, so they can be hard to understand.
Unlike Amazon Parrots, which are larger in size and have longer life-spans, don’t talk in the same exact tone and voice as the owner’s. Don’t know if a Quaker Parrot would know be able to alert you if there was a lot of smoke before there was a fire, assuming they only know a few words.

I could say this though, believe it or not, in certain parts in Florida they are the common birds found in everyone’s backyards, which is why it’s possible most people in the area have one as a pet. Their talking ability isn’t noted, at least not at the great speech of their other counterparts.

I haven’t been convinced smaller is better but normally the quick reactions Quaker Parrots have is astonishing!

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  1. Great story 🙂  I am also a parrot owner and she's saved me from some crazy circumstances personally… Parrots really do deserve more credit than people think 🙂