Quaker Parrot Training – Hop Up (Step Up)

This is my first attempt at creating a training video with Pluto. I am rather nervous so please excuse my awkwardness. : ) Pluto insisted on being involved i…

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  1. I just got female Quaker. a neighbor had her for about 8 months and now gave it away to my grandmother.. I need some advise on how to get her to like me.. Everytime I try to get close she starts moving away or flying all over the cage. lol.

  2. he’s like a slinky on a stairmaster 3:49 but I can say your advice worked for me & my parrot

  3. My 2 Quakers birds are really mean it’s a long story behind them

  4. Just doing some research as am thinking whether I’ll be able to commit to having a parrot – specifically a quaker – and seeing your relationship with Pluto has given me another reason to continue my research. Thanks very much.

  5. Thank you! Your first video was excellent! Keep up the great work.

  6. I have a african grey parrot, who is tamed but bites still sometimes, suppose its because he’s wildcaught

  7. Same here i have a ton of experience with other animals but not birds i want to get a quacker (also 12 ) 😀

  8. hey im 12 and have had expirence with day geckos red belly toads and newts and ethiopian frogs. i have currently a 10 gallon fish tank and a chepa easy green anole lizard. do you think this is a good starter bird cause ive never had a pet bird before and if so if i keep it in a room across the hall where i sleep inn the top floor will i hear it at night? or will i hear it at the second floor?

  9. our green bean seems to not like us. we just got her for Christmas and she seems like she’s scared of us what should i do

  10. My parrot holly likes to bite and we have to use a thick mitten to pick her up or take her out of her home what should I do to make her more friendly with me and not biting I have two cockatiel but they don’t get along with her

  11. I just got a 6 month old quaker 2 days ago. He does not bite but he is scared of me when I get near his cage and him. I’m teaching him how to hop up but he ends up flying off my finger. What can I do?

  12. You actually taught me about what a quaker does with its beak when it steps down.

  13. I just got a parrot a couple weeks ago. He is nine years old. His past owner said it will take him 3 to 4 weeks to get used to me. He has come to me a couple times. I do react to his biting and it’s hard not to but it hurts 🙁 Since he will not hop up, I can’t get him away from his cage and he is territorial of his cage.

  14. I just got a parrot a couple weeks ago. I do react to his biting and it’s hard not to but it hurts 🙁 Since he will not hop up, I can’t get him away from his cage and he is territorial of his cage.

  15. Did he say “No fear” then squak at you? That’s so cheeky…he’s adorable.

  16. I have a one year old male, and no matter what I do he just seems unhappy and won’t talk.. I’ve had him for a little over a month and i know they very for talking. It could be the day you bring them home or a year after. I just want him to stop being so scared of his toys in his cage and actually like me besides just stepping up. I gave him a bigger cage, new toys, changed them around. He doesn’t seem to feel very safe.. Does anyone have an idea on what to do?

  17. Thanks for the upload. Pluto is very cheeky. I’ve got a five year Quaker girl, Annie, she is wonderful, also very cheeky but not as chatty as Pluto. They make a wonderful pet. Annie is very spoilt, she has her own bedroom and when I’m home spends all her time on my shoulder bossing me around.

  18. Hi
    Awsome video. Could you tell me please how to stop my qp from biting. He steps up fine but like to have a nibble on your fingers too. I just want to have him so he doesnt bite. Ill try small but often training sessions

  19. sounds like you need to teach that thing to shut up, not hop up

  20. you know im trying to ignore when my conure bites me but the blood is a distraction lol. ami doing something wrong?

  21. ooh it’s tricky! I have a very stubborn quaker,who ven when my finger is pressing on his belly and i do the other hand behind to encourage him to go forward….. he chooses to jump over my finger!!! I’m keeping trying, and am determined!

  22. Ok, so whem I was about 5 we got a Quaker. I’m now 16 and he is starting to come to me a little bit. He is usually attracted to my mom, but he has let me hold him a couple of times. But I want him to feel comfortable with me all the time. He likes to bite. When I stick out my finger, he lifts his leg though, and he trusts me a little…is there any advice you can give me so he will trust me 100%?

  23. Sweet as, I’ll have to try this with my blue quaker oatie. Thanks