Quaker Parrots – Bather’s Dance

This is a short video about Quaker Parrots taking a bath. Here you will see Tashy, Miracle, and Scooter enjoying a good frolic in the water. Squirt and Skippy will join later. Quaker Parrots LOVE their bath. Some even need a little Mommy’s help. QuakerVille 2006, music by UniqueTracks.

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  1. They’re more personable than cockatiels, from what I’ve expierienced. Most people say Quakers are the best parrot you can get.

  2. Oh My!Look at those MEAN HORRIBLE LITTLE QUAKERS! That must be why some states outlaw them! We wouldn’t want anything that MEAN AND HORRIBLE in our state, would we?
    (thank you so much, i love the video..wish I could have one in Kansas)

  3. this is about on of the sweetest videos i’ve seen. the music is perfect. your babies are precious. they are very trusting.

  4. Nothing is funner than watching Quakers bathe they love it :) so entertaining!

  5. i keep my quaker out of the cage most times… and once he followed me into the bathroom when i drew myself a bath… so now from time to time, i will let him get in the bath with me…

  6. the blue ones are almost double the price of the green ones cuz of their “rare” color

  7. how do i teach my parrots to talk i have 3 ones blue the other one is green and other one orgre

  8. i have a quaker too and mine doesent even like to take baths. How did you get yours to do it? of course he does get a bath.

  9. wow u have 4?! thats so cool! i only have 1 and shes sometimes a pain! can they talk at all? cause im having alot of trouble teaching mine to talk

  10. I have a green quaker too…but I can’t seem to get him to take a bath outside of his cage…What’s the temperature of the water you usually give them?

  11. I love this video fantastic job, ive got a blue quaker aswell

  12. If my parrots dont pay attention to the bath I plash with my fingers also in the water but mostly they attack my finger then 😀

  13. Mine loves baths too! He runs up and down shouting till its there… XD then he soaks eveything with in an 8 mile radius… =|

  14. aaww! My quaker, Sami loves his baths. he gets water everywhere.
    I only have one bird, but i can tell him apart from every other quaker. he’s littler, and whenever he sees me he shakes his head and says “uh oh” or “peekaboo” so its easy to tell him apart.

  15. Aww. Jon-Mark, I loved this. I will smile all day remembering this video. Thanks for sharing!

  16. My quaker parrot does the same exact thing! we get a the red thing ur useing……(in black) and he put our quaker parrot there and he gets wet