Rainbow Lorikeet VS African Grey Parrot VS Father

That`s paradise!!
Попугай разведения для продажи, попугай
Ripeti a pappagallo riproduzione di parrocchetto
잉꼬, 앵무새 번식 판매
Satılık, papağan için Paraket ıslahı
Sittich Zucht zum Verkauf, Papagei
Perico de cría para la venta, el loro
Criação de periquito papagaio para venda,
Élevage Perruche à vendre, perroquet
تربية الببغاء عن ببغاء، بيع
فروخت توتے کے لئے توتا کا عمل

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  1. Oh balony I am a bird rescue volunteer and I also have a number of parrots, both aviary and hand reared. My 4 of my 7 hand reared parrots have clipped wings and have the happiest most loving life you will find (they live in a dedicated "sealed room" what we'd call a queensland room). The other 3 are harness trained birds.

    One of my harness trained birds escaped and came back after 5 days, starving. This is a bird that's not clipped and almost died in the wild. Hand raised it's virtually vital.

  2. @18lindalou
    Thanks You are right. I think so too.

  3. @187R3DRUM

    Thank you for comment.
    cliping of this Lorikeet went temporarily. I do not go recently.
    Clipping is sometimes necessary as spoke before.
    It is Japan here. It is not Australia.
    As you say, they cannot live if they go out.

  4. Of course.I think so too.there is nothing more cruel than clipping these birds wings In nature . in fact, This African gray parrot has not done clipping. however, in another case, clipping can be necessary. I hope that the times when it does not need clipping and a cage and a wilderness area come sometime.