Red-Tailed Hawk vs. Congo African Grey Parrot

One day when I lived in Iowa, I found a screeching raptor on my back patio step. I wasn’t sure what he was doing so close to the house – he was huge! But then I realized, he was eyeing my African Grey parrot, Zeph. They eat small animals. I’m glad I didn’t take Zeph outdoors unattended. I never knew such a predator existed in Iowa. I miss all the ground animals and birds there. More activity than in Oregon – the animals in Oregon tend to hide more even though I’m in a more rural area on 20 acres! The cougars just won’t let themselves be seen!

Ok, ignore my labeling, I think we’ve concluded this is a red-tailed hawk.

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  1. @zubery Yes. Hawks do have long, curved claws for catching prey and sharp, hooked beaks for tearing meat; which are common characteristics among raptors.

  2. Juvenile RT Hawk. Easy to confuse without a clear view of the head, unless you work with RTs every day (as yet another licensed falconer).

  3. I couldnt quite see the face very well but given the size I would say a red tail. But the Harrier is a hawk that has a very distinct face. It has stiff feathers around it's face kinda like an owl does, to help it hear.

  4. I'm 100% certain it is a red-tailed hawk, if you search pictures on the web it'll show the same brown wings, white chest with a brown belly-band, and the brown head…all or these are on your bird in question. I also happen to do some birding on the side!

  5. I'd say Harrier but I could be wrong too. Such a wonderful experience seeing one of those at your doorstep, eh? 🙂

  6. thats cool, but the raptor seems to be an immature red tailed hawk, not a harrier.

  7. Maybe he just wanted to hang out on Zeph's play stand!! 🙂 Very cool video!!

  8. Wow! Nice capture – it's a good thing Zeph wasn't outside at the time! 🙂