Releasing Parrots Back To The Wild

Our rangers found baby parrots who were captured from the wild by poachers. We took them in and made a shelter for them in the middle of the jungle, and also fed them with their natural food. When they were stronger we let them back to the wild again in the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Easy Lemon 60 Second by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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  1. So beautiful 😍 they definitely belong in the wild and not in cages

  2. All Lek needs to do is build a wooden ark (immobile) She is the modern day female version of Noah!! I hope some hotshot Hollywood Film Director takes on a project & film a autobiography of Lek before her time with us has passed. She is no doubt, one of the greatest gifts to the animals in the past 500 yrs.

  3. Unfortunately you sentenced them to dearth as they won't know how to look for good and an anacondo or other predator will probably eat them.

  4. Lek loves all the animals! what a wonderful blessing she is to all!

  5. we never heard about birds and reptiles much being rescued and realeased back into the wild! This made my day!!