Review: Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

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Today we flew the Parrot Bebop 2 Drone, compare it to the DJI Phantom and discuss who it’s for.

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  1. re malakes th to khtate afou mas ta prije o spasiklas tosi ora jerete giati to dixni to binteo giati uelei na deiji th moutsouna tou prixti…$$$$$

  2. Thanks again for a great video! I'm a pilot in training, RC plane pilot, and a photographer. I need this drone! Question- If I am flying in safe rural area away from Class B, C an D, airspace and away from ALL airports what is the max altitude for the Parrot Bebop? Can I cloud surf on a low ceiling day?

  3. Although I'm keen on a DJI drone, this is absolutely hopeless. Who thought it's a good idea to design a remote like that?

  4. Does the LED on plugged in charger glow if the battery is not connected to it?

  5. I saw a red one at target but with like no black it was a glossy red

  6. This thing is very pricey, its very fair to compare it to the spark and mavic as it is in that price range. It also doesnt have a base controller, so its all add ones (similar to spark).

    DJI has the market dominance so its hard to beat them with a pricey bebop.

  7. great review? bwahahahaha! The camera is not adjustable like he claims, The only adjustment the camera does have is when your drone moves period… and his comments on the battery "used it for 15 min and put it away with out any change in battery level then flew for 15 min more so he's not sure how long of battery run time fyi I"m not a hater I actually think highly of this drone but when reviewing something you need to be accurate and honest for the readers

  8. Good review. I want to make the transition from fixed wing foamies to a decent quadcopter/drone. Wondering if this is a good model for such a purpose. I have no exp with copters or drones yet. I dont wanna end up with an expensive scrap pile because of "dumb thumbs"

  9. So based on 2 drones coming out back to back in 2 years is enough to guess that a 3rd drone will come out in the following year on the same month?

  10. What a great review,

    Do you know if it will take an I pad 12.9 please ?