Rico the sun conure talking

Rico say is name.

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  1. is the green cheek as sweet and loving as the sun? and if so, i wonder why i see the suns at all the local stores!

  2. cute bird. my sun conure says yummy, tickle tickle, give me kiss, makes kissing sounds, and tangie.(her name)

  3. I taught mine to say “What’s up!” and “shush”. But that’s it :/ lol

  4. Conures are such pretty, sassy little birds! Oh, how I dream to own one 🙂

  5. I have the time to spend at least 2 hrs a day playtime with Rico . When I go to work I leave her for my mom. It is rare that she alone. I Never put rico in the cage and I try to spend out in the garden with Rico Sometimes

  6. both live for well over 20 yrs. both demand a lot of attention. if u dont have the time to spend at least 2 hrs a day playtime with either then perhaps opt for another bird less attention seeking. i sadly had to give my conure to someone else against my will because he overbonded with me(squaked for my attention all day. neighbors complained. i had no choice) i still think about him all the time and worry. im not sure if galahs are needy but i know cockatoos are. i have an alexanderine hes cute.

  7. You should do research to see which bird is better for you. Like whether you live in a house or apartment and what your noise tolerance levels would be. Conures can be VERY loud especially a sun conure. I think it’s cute when they scream but you might not. I own a green cheek conure, which is said to be the quietest out of the conure family. There is also lots of other birds out there that might be better suited for you so research all the birds.

  8. can you help me out with choosing a parrot
    I wanna get a bird but which one should i get?

  9. i just repeating the same word a nambers of time 4-5 min
    every day and i Speak when she calm
    Give a love to your bird and he will speak
    rico Learned to say a kiss

  10. how did you train it? just repeating the same word for hours? did you have time intervals that you would do this and for how long til he started saying the word?