Ruby of Austin – A Grumpy Morning Part 1 – Talking African Grey Parrot

Welcome, meet Ruby, my 14 yr. old African Grey Parrot. Her morning routine is not going as she wishes today!
See more in Part 2

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  1. Yes, your Ruby is too cute and too smart. . I can tell you love her very much by the way you continue talking to her like she is family. LOL I had my eyes on the plate. I didn't realize her food was on the plate until she put a piece in her mouth. I was getting concerned that she would eventually knock it onto the kitchen floor. Look how many times she plays with the plate w/o ever dropping it on the floor. I'm quite sure if she wanted to drop it she would've done so by now.

  2. LOL! Your Ruby is all Texan with the accent: "I got my haircut", Whoops! dropped it. .LOL. I don't know if you got the cue but when she sits on top of the faucet she then plays with the hose looking for some water to come out of it…too smart.