This is a remake of a previous video, with subtitles added for clarification. Enjoy our little girl chatting it up!

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  1. Ruby can relate many actions to words, since we always tell her what we are doing. She knows squirrels and rain by sight, if she hears pots and pans she says, “Momma’s cooking”, things like that. Checkout the Alex Foundation website to find out how intelligent they can be. If you plan on owning a parrot, be sure you give it alot of love and attention, or it can become stressed and not such a good pet. Thanks for watching! Ruby’s Mom

  2. So they’re smart enough to repeat words and phrases by ear… accent, pitch, etc. But do/can they ever really understand what they’re saying? Do they understand meanings of words at all? I know all bird owners think so or would like to think so, but really… I want to know factually bc I’ve considered purchasing one but I’m not sure if they’re easily trained or just good copy cats. But my rabbit even knows some commands. A parrot should know some things too, right?

  3. so if you have a deep speaking voice your parrot will sound creepy hehe

  4. of course she sounds like the owner.. parrots just mimic what they hear they dont have a natural speaking voice lol

  5. ParrotLife Rescue and Advice Group its on facebook you will find yourself a loveley gray on there hope this helps

  6. parrots learn to talk by what they here thts why they sound the same.

  7. She talks with the same tone that you talk to her with, LOL! It’s almost like she’s mocking you!

  8. Ruby is simply amazing! It is easy to see that she is not only treated very well, but is also a part of thier family. Ruby knows not only the names of her masters. but also other pets in the home. I love cats, and sometimes even dogs, but I have yet to hear one talk such as this one does no matter how long you try to train them. “Ruby..I am in love..”lol

  9. You can tell Ruby gets lots of love & attention! She’s an awesome parrot!

  10. Its amazing tha she can say a full on sentence with out forgetting a line.