Santina Green-Winged Macaw in Bed With Another Parrot!?

Look who Santina’s in bed with! This video is based on a really popular photo that I shared on my facebook page:

Look who Santina's in bed with

Posted by Trained Parrot on Monday, September 22, 2014

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In this video, Santina the Green-Winged Macaw is sleeping with another parrot!? Santina has the hots for Rachel, a pretty looking Blue and Gold Macaw. Watch the hot steamy bird on bird action in this birdie porn flick. No worries, it’s all fantasy and rated G. It’s only a stuffed animal. Maybe we can get the two birds in bed for real next time!

Turn out the lights.

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  1. Hi 🙂
    I have male african grey and I am thinking about buying another parrot
    – Monk Parakeet or Senegal parrot. Of course the new one would have his own
    cage, but I have just 2×3 m aviary and I would want to keep them in cages
    just during the night and I would want them both to be in this 2×3 m aviary
    while I am not home. Do you think it is safe to keep african grey alone
    with smaller parrot? (It is impossible to build another aviary for me.) And
    do you think it is good idea to buy monk parakeet or senegal parrot to my
    african grey? Thanks :)

  2. Hi I love ur vids plz upload more you got any tips about a green cheek
    conure biting isue if you have plz tell in next vid

  3. Ahhh too cute! Hey I have a question – I know bird theft is very common
    with macaws, is there a way for me to prevent this if I adopt one in the
    future? Thanks :)

  4. Great! She’ll be on jerry springer tomorrow after he cheats on santina !

  5. I wonder if she would go for a sheet being pulled up to her chin. Cover
    those private parts lol. 😉 

  6. Hey Michel, I was wondering how you train your macaws and was wondering if
    you recommend them as a pet

  7. where is Rachel. did she go home? and is she coming back to visit? I love
    her too.

  8. Omg you are such an amazing trainer. This is just too cute. 🙂