Saving Money on Pet Bird Foraging Toys

Bird toys that are meant to be torn up can get very expensive! A great way to save money on these foraging toys is to buy a toy that you can refill with fora…

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  1. I got the rope at a home improvement store. Something like Lowes or Home Depot, I can’t remember which. It was kind of expensive, but I’ve had it for a while and I’ve used it for a lot of different things, so it will last for a while. I also use it to wrap some of their perches to make them easier to grip. And yeah, I got your PM. I’m working on their photoshoot video now 🙂

  2. Also where did you get the rope from it looks like Rowen would have fun with it. For now I put paper and some treats in it but I don’t want Rowen to get fat it’s not millet just something like avi cakes so yea ummm maybe I could find a ball like that to put in it instead omg wait a sec I just looked at Rowen’s cage and there’s a toy with destroyed balls I’m gonna take the treats out and switch it so THANKS FOR THE VIDEO it helped and did you get my pm

  3. that was a cool video it gave lots of tips thanks and I had been saving up for one of these for a while and I only saw te ones tat were 2x that size fr $20.00 then today at petsmart I saw the one you have for $10.00 then I was really happy and gonna buy it and then I looked under $10.00 and there was a clearance tag for $5.99 and I was so happy 🙂 so I bought it and found this vid 🙂