Secret to Take Your Bird Out of Cage Quickly ! | Instructional Part

Make Sure To Watch The Demonstration Part:

Taking your bird out of the cage might be such a huge avoider every single day. Hundreds of bird lovers face this same problem and therefore due to this high demand, we have made a video that will help make everything easier while at the same time build a well-constructed bond between you and your bird!.

Here’s a Visual Example how to take your bird out of its cage :

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  1. how do you get them back I cause I have finches and 1 escaped before and didn't come back took 5 hours to get it back in the cage.

  2. hey, I have bought 4 budgies at home and they all are highly scared of me, tell me how to tame all of them

  3. my bid will feed from my hand and let me let it but it won't do any step up any tips

  4. So during this process, should I have the cage in a room that I can close. Because I know that cockatiels are social and need to be in a somewhat busy area, but the only place like that in my house is not exactly a room, it doesn't have a door and cannot be parrot proofed. The only place that has a door and can be parrot proofed is my bedroom, but no one is ever in there and I don't want to startle the bird every time I come home and try to work on tameness.

  5. my Parakeet doesn't have a favorite treat so I can't take him out what do I do?

  6. I have seen all your videos . I am very amazed by Cody . how old is he ? my cackatiel Summer is 2 years old he can step up and stay on my shoulder

  7. please tell me if i give too much sugar too budgie what will happen or if i give some sugar too them

  8. For budgies it's really easy, I take it to my u class noise across the street and he has to budgies so when they see each other aka I open the cage door they fly out. If u don't have other budgies in a different cage you can literally YouTube "budgie call" and play a video of budgies calling and they will fly out looking for the other budgie. And my budgies eat from my hand so I just feed one and place it back in the cage and the other one follows it back into the cage.

  9. when I put my hand in the cage he fly an he Hess at me an bits me what can I do I really now help please

  10. You know My bird just comes out. we don't have to do anything … just open the cage door and he comes out

  11. my bird goes the 5 centimeters but that's all. is it bad if I'm moving his cage closer to me and then putting it back after I put his snack out and wait awhile?