Setting Up My African Grey’s Cage! -w/ Gypsy & Mango-

I set up Gypsy’s new cage!

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  1. When he started singing to mango and he was like "no wtf leave me alone with your Emo music" p!atd forever btw

  2. Your birds is just In the background thinking "WTF are We living with

  3. I guess I'm emo trash true, since we have the same taste in music. 🙂 Nice video.

  4. I hope this kid replaced the horrible dowel rod with a suitable perch. I don't plan to view anymore of his vids to find out – just randomly stumbled on this and was dumbfounded to see such a dumb young kid collecting animals like they're freaking furniture (I see the next recommended video is titled "Meet my pets! 10+ [I live in a zoo].").

    There's simply no way he can give them all the amount of proper one on one attention they deserve, and he's making commitments to animals that will live longer than he will without even being moved out of his mommy's house yet. No matter what he says now, he will absolutely be one of those people who abandons one or more of his pets when he goes off to college or whatnot and finds he doesn't have enough space for all these animals – poor mommy's gonna end up being stuck with some. Or when he has kids or other big life changes. It's just too many pets for one young active person, and one that hasn't even gotten out of his own nest yet to take on such huge responsibilities for such long living highly intelligents animals, and animals who require a MASSIVE amount of attention at that.

    And it's so cringe worthy just watching how fucking braindead he was with letting the birds on the cage while he was setting it up. One false move and he could have had a badly injured or dead bird, and you could tell the birds were unsteady/frightened to be on it as well. The grey only did it because he isn't comfortable sharing the perch with Mango, and Mango almost shat himself when the dumb kid put the top of the cage over him (what if Tyler lost his grip?!). I can't stand people who take such IDIOTIC safety risks with their animals.

    He has a dumb mom who is spoiling him in a bad way by letting him bring home all these animals. She clearly never learned how to say no to him. And these animals are going to end up paying the price for it, all be in it terms of neglect with attention, their safety (resulting in injury or death), abandonment, or inability to cover all their financial needs. Very, very sad.

  5. When he said to mango "I'm not gonna kill you yet" what do you mean bye "YET" hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. oml when Panic! At the Disco started playing! I was singing along:)

  7. The funny thing is my sun conure's name is mango but the difference is its a girl