Someone get the cops

Adopt don’t shop!!!! Pebble and I had to run a few errands and I guess she didn’t like my driving or something but here’s what happened after we parked. I had concerns the man next to us was gunna call the cops for domestic abuse!!!!!

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  1. This has to be the best pairing I've seen EVER. You are so kind and patient and I think that's what she really needs. Just listen and nod to the Pebble lol!

  2. om goodness.. have been so sad today… and this video just made me laugh so much so cute how animated your featherbaby is…. My 27 year baby boy passed away last year so I have many days when life just feels impossible… I want you to know I am going to subscribe to your page… so I can watch this adorable soul on my bad days… ty for giving me a little joy today..

  3. Самый лучший попугай , что довелось видеть на ютубе !!!!!

  4. This is the funniest video ever! Pebbles is a crack up! Your videos always make me laugh and I share them with friends all the time! Wish you would post them more often and make them longer too…

  5. Pebble u r the cutest cockatoo out. Don't let anybody tell u else. I think u must have a high IQ and beyond adorable! When are we going to see a new u tube of u again. Luv u

  6. I love her, I just wish I could understand what she's saying ❤️❤️❤️😂😂

  7. I was never really a "bird person".. but omG ..pebble is adorable …I had to watch this like 3-4x in a row. And just laughed all the way through…how cute.

  8. Somehow, I don't think she really cares if someone calls the cops – just an observation.

  9. At 5-6 seconds i'm sure she said "i'll call him an asshole" 😂😂😂

  10. i LOVE this vid!!!!! best yet!!!, we have a moluccan named Jake and he swears to but yours is awesome just love this!!!

  11. Amazing bird. Is this the same bird who hollered while you were stomping on a bird cage? Haha. That is also an incredible video and absolutely super. I love Pebble. I love all animals. Pebble is so super cute. The color. This amazing pink so shiny and clean. Pebble is so strong and healthy.

  12. Big hello from Minnesota! I start my day out with your videos, you are both hilarious. You both make smile. keep on keeping on.😉😁

  13. Some random person "yes officer I want to report domestic violence between a man and abusive bird"
    police " did you say a bird?"
    "Yes listen."
    <Pebble going off>
    Police dude "Well I've seen everything"