SSL 173 ~ TIKI Chatter ~ 18month African Grey Parrot First Words

Yes, TIKI, our African Grey Parrot that lives onboard “SOPHISTICATED LADY” with us, is really coming into her own lately… African Greys are notoriously good talkers but at only 18 months old she’s definitely getting an early start.. you can hear her already working on several different voices and many new words that I’m sure she’ll be much more fluent in the very near future! Hope you enjoy her intermission recital, and tomorrow we’ll get back to our re-fit so we can get back to sailing! Thanks for watching! 🙂

Captain Rick

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  1. her whistles are sounding a lot like cat calling there rick. What are we missing behind the cameras? 😛

  2. Awesome video she's so happy! Thanks for sharing this with us. I've got to show this to my Gray Buddy I'm sure he'll think he's falling in love!

  3. Our African Grey was talking well at six months and know a few songs too

  4. Love the Grays, but isn't a constant chore cleaning up after her?

  5. You def put lots of smiles on my face today! I had Conures years ago and always wanted an African Grey but never had the chance. Thanks for sharing Tiki with us!

  6. ya'll need to get an old see and say toy with the animal sounds and play with her she's lovely

  7. Haha , I enabled the subtitles/closed captions option purely out of curiosity – and it was Russian auto-generated !

  8. Looks like you're not using the swellpro drone in the video? I find strange that just started a new kickstarter fundraising campain? their on the 3rd generation and they need to start a kickstarter? What are your thoughts?

  9. That is a freaky little bird …what an amazing vocal range …and loud man 😊👍🙏❤️

  10. You have got to teach her to say "Help, they've turned me into a Parrot!"

  11. Cool Beans! Always thought it was interesting how some birds can imitate our speech. We live in rural Scottsdale, AZ. (only 106*F – 41*C today) and there is a mated pair of crows that every morning sit up in our bell tower. When I go out to get the paper for my wife in the AM I chat with them, and they chat back. Obviously with their clucks and caws, but it's funny. On the upside, they stopped shitting from the bell beam onto our front entryway. 😉 Assuming a normal life, how long should Tiki live?

  12. At least she's not mimicking and Naughty Words, or worse "Embarrassing" Noises. LOL   F.W.F.S>