Sun Conure

Sun Conure outside

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  1. i have a sun conure and her head isnt that yellow. they must be a jenday

  2. wat een schatje ,krijg je zijn tuigje makkelijk aan heb je tips !

  3. This is not a sun conure he is a jenday conure and i have one too and i am super sure he is a jenday conure:)

  4. Oushe… Pássaro não é cachorro para estar de coleira! pelo amor e Deus… Tira isso dele

  5. That can be a sun conure. Its still young and the yellow on the feathers happens after 1-2 years.

  6. Beautiful bird :3
    (but it actually seems like its a Jenday Conure, not a Sun Conure 😉 )