Super Vocal Birds | Funny Bird Video Compilation 2017

From parakeets whistling theme songs, parrots making weird noises, to loud birds saying their name in front of the mirror, these are just a few of the vocal birds you’ll find in this super vocal birds video compilation.

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Original Links:
Bird Whistles TV Show Theme Song
Bird Speaks English
Parrot Speaks His Name in Front of the Mirror
Bird Makes Cute Noises
Parrot Makes Weird Noises
Galah Cockatoo Acts Manic
Angry Parrot Falls off Counter
Crazy Cockatoo Can’t Stop Laughing
Talking Parakeet Asks Female Parrot for a Kiss
Vocal Parakeet Plays with Stuffed Bird
Cockatiel Gets Pug Puppy to Howl
Parrot Asks Owner “Really!?”

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  1. All that I can get my cockatiel to do is flirt (whistle) at my friends I bring home. It makes them laugh though!

  2. When the cockatoo fell off the table, I laughed so hard that my laugh was funnier than the video.

  3. Cool. A bunch of fucking old clips. Thanks pet collective! you guys are just amazing!
    Now please go fuck yourselves.

  4. 1:43 that time when u hate yur bird owner and u get so distracted by yelling at them u fall off the table

  5. That very first clip at the start of the vid; someone is playing Monster Hunter. 😀

  6. I've only had my green cheek conure for 4 months so far, and I'm still teaching her how to speak!