Talking Bird Cockatoo, Acting Crazy…as usual!

S. Elvis acting crazy, as he does most of the day!

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  1. Did you like give this bird some meth before you filmed or something?

  2. Those eyes. That sound. Am I the only one thinking of the movie Mars
    Attacks? The aliens? No? Just me? ah ok. Awesome bird, though. Seriously.

  3. I like how other intelligent animals know how to really live right– they
    all just mess around. Ravens play pranks on people, dolphins do flips and
    have sex for fun, elephants spend all that family time… but then humans
    go to work all day

  4. We Australians find it funny how the world loves these birds. In Australia
    they are destructive, noisy little creatures!!!! 1 is fine, but when you
    have a thousand roosting in the tree outside your house they’re horrible.

  5. I luv this. Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch this. It never gets old
    for me.

  6. Lol i started cracking up when the bird started doing chin ups lol

  7. I need this cute little guy too. Hes so loud and dogalike. There wouldn’t
    come any burgulars

  8. Too funny! Can’t tell if he’s laughing or barking at the end LOL!

  9. thumbs up if you think this should of been on The Planet’s Funniest Animals.

  10. Why would they care? Half the fun in having a parrot is what they do and

  11. That’s a very happy cockatoo… ^^ I want one so bad, alas maybe one day

  12. WTF?! He’s performing bodyweight exercises. He wants to stay fit, the bird