Talking Parrot

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  1. why are beating it? had u gone nuts when u were shooting this vid? I think if u don't stop this cruelty towards them, I CAN complain in police Bcoz birds shouldn't b treated so badly… u r crazy… I think.

  2. which type of parrot it is i also have a parrot same like this but dont know which it is…indian

  3. me and my mum love watching this video…reminds us of our grumpy angry parrot.. the owner is not teasing him. . it is how you wud train a parrot

  4. it is clearly the parrot talking because it is irritated and angry. 

  5. I have tr inform you people is when parrots gets annoyed or angry,they tend to pick up words.the man in the video is not torturing him.infact he is training the parrot to talk.he is not harming the can even hear is softly he is talking.I am training green parrots for past 7 years.I had trained almost 35 birds.I know if a person is really cruel to birds.that bird in the video is too young.he would have got it after it had opened its he might find it difficult to train people just watch the video.

  6. I guess they treat thier women like they treat the parrots. Terrible!

  7. Yeah, in Pakistan (where i believe this video is from) parrots are usually very mistreated and keep in small parrot i try my best to buy some and set then free but the people who steal the birds in the first place always manage to get more by stealing them from the trees when there only eggs:(

  8. stop pissing off the bird it is not funny stop and it is really not funny and cute at all let the bird free. animal cruelty!

  9. Hey !! human…!
    Why don't you try this behavior, with a dog ?? You , brave human ?? Go ahead, make my day !!