This is Pierre, the 2 year old African Grey Parrot. I tried to get him talking as much as I could, but he wasn’t saying nearly as much as he can. He can say hundreds of different sentences, noises, etc. This is him at Northern Reptile breeding facility, so there’s tons of cricket chirps in the background. (We feed them to the lizards).

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  1. check out the puzzle i made for my african grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Paul Paluba it’s not fake I actually have this bird and it. An actually speak mine only says hello but looking forward to makin it say much more

  3. it is not fake. these animals can imitate so many sounds and words. u only have to have the right bird for it. some birds don’t want to learn it and some just don’t have the talent. but the most CAN learn these words and sounds.

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  5. Haha my African gray does a different kiss noise for each one of our animals haha. The cat has one kiss, the dog is another XD

  6. my grey whistles the Andy Griffith song too and sounds exactly like the cat meow in this vid

  7. Its weird how they only do what THEY wanna do? I say “Good Morning Sweetheart!” to mine every single morning of her life, and she has never repeated it. But she’ll pick up passing fire engines, police cars and lorries reversing.. And she winds me up with the phone rings and the doorbell all the time..then sits there laughing at me running about the place!
    Only way to hear what they can do for real is to leave a recorder in the room when you go out! That catches them unaware + will surprises u!

  8. If only that bird could say… “now get back to work…”