Talking Parrots | Fighting Roosters | Bird Market Lalukhet Karachi | Video in URDU/HINDI

This was another exciting and fun filled Sunday Bird Market Lalukhet Karachi visit. Check out the amazing birds this market has to offer including talking parrots, Fighting Roosters and many other exotic birds!
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  1. lovely and great tuer maza agiya dekh ke …is week me bhi aunga insha ALLAH MARKET…
    "SheezO VLOGS"

  2. sir kindly lalukhet pugeon market ki bhe detail video share karein highflyers pigeon ki,regards

  3. Mashallah very beautiful Aseels and parrots and bird's. Excellent video Bai . thoroughly enjoyed it UK

  4. Bhai g kiya hall hy aj murga ki video dak kar maza age yah or all birds ki video banahy thanks