Teach your Parrot to say Hello! – Parrot Talk

Teach your Parrot to Say Hello! – Parrot Talk – How to Teach your parrot to talk the easy way! Just press play on this video or playlist, set to repeat and walk away! the video will play for your bird and teach him to speak. Repetition is key for your parrot to learn human words and this channel will make it easy for you!

Dont forget to subscribe for more words in the future and feel free to request words or phrases that you want your bird to learn. I would be happy to make a video for you!

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  1. I've started out with trying to teach my cockatiel's to say hi, would it be confusing for them to switch to hello?

  2. My ringneck female tries to talk loves to hear it but boy does she pick at my wallet hahahaha 2 tablet chargers replaced she pecked at em good one V20 case ripped and my note 8 first tampered glass brocken but still i love her to death none like her ever will be

  3. Thank you so much. My Indian ringneck doesn't talk yet and I've been looking so hard for one with an American accent. All of these are from new zealond and Britain 😂