Teaching a Young Jardine’s Parrot to Step Up


I visited the bird store again and spent a lot of time handling a Jardine’s Parrot. Read the article for the full story and the techniques I used to teach this young parrot how to step up.

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  1. this channel is amazing, you make awesome work with parrots 🙂

  2. aaaaw so many cute parrot 🙂 did you buy some parrot there ….

  3. I love your shirt!!! Total pun intended I assume lol.

    And that's For Birds Only in Mineola, isn't it? I like like 1/4 mile from that place.

  4. @JlovebirdD No, it's not. The store you mentioned is terrible and I would avoid it.

  5. was this store bird paradise in NJ. it looks like it and ive been there

  6. It is a great thing to help socialize baby parrots at local bird store. I try to go once a month and spend an hour with the baby conures.

    Thanks for socializing 😀