Teaching Your Cockatiel to Talk and Whistle: Part I

Video that details the first steps to take if you want a bird that will talk and whistle.

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  1. Oh, your little one is just adorable! Ah, but I DID want to ask a question: I know that you said that females aren't most likely to be very vocal or apt to learning songs or whistles, correct? Unless it's a mix-breed, wouldn't it be a little difficult to tell what the gender of the bird in question is? My grey Cockatiel, Spooks, was young when she came to us, but we still weren't sure of the gender until after I'd observed her behavior for a while because according to all the information I found on her specific type, males and females tend to look very much alike when they're young. Getting off track here, but anyway, despite the generally known observation, is it still a possibility for females to learn to sing something or another at least a little?

    Oh and I mean no offense to the question, but what happened to your little one's tail? He's not sick, is he? We had another Cockatiel years ago, Tweety, and he kind of had a bad habit of gnawing on his tail so we had to give it a slight trim, leaving him with an amusing little stub…

  2. A few weeks ago, my dad found a cockatiel sitting on our roof. We brought him inside and he's a really cool bird. We couldn't find who he belonged to, so I guess he's staying with us for now. Anyway, I call him Harold and I thought it'd be pretty cool to teach him to talk. Wish me luck!

  3. I was sitting by my birds cage while watching your videos and suddenly one of my birds just started talking i was surprised ????

  4. Give them a small bit of cheese and they will be your friend for life

  5. I love your videos! I have a 9 year old bonded pair that I've had since they were babies. My male loves to watch, and chirp along while my female couldn't care less and begs for head scratches. Perhaps explore the different personalities of male and female cockatiels?

  6. Thank you for sharing! I am thinking about purchasing a Cockatiel and your information is greatly appreciated. What is the life span of a Cockatiel?

  7. If my sister and I were to get a cockatiel would it still bond with us

  8. Hi , i got my bird from the store about 2 days ago and loves being with me at all times , (on my finger, shoulder ) but I have trouble getting him back in his cage. I'll put him on hand and walk to the cage and when he sees it he will fly away or climb on my shoulder. He has the largest version of the vision cages and 100$ worth of toys in his cage. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  9. in October i will be getting a roughly month old baby lutino and grey tiel and ive got it a huge 91cm high 78cm wide and 45.5cm deep cage on a stand which comes to 161.5cm total in heigh and i was wondering if there is anyway to tell what gender th ebird will be earlier becuase i want a male so i can call it oscar, i was also wondering if pellets fresh fruit and veg and a litte bit of seed will be a good healthy diet?

  10. My cockatiel hisses at me and he bit me he don't like no one

  11. I have a female cockatail and I want to teach her how to talk she whistles on her own. How can I teach her to do that

  12. Can you tell me how much time completely it take to train your bird and how old he is when you start his traning

  13. Thx 4 the tip this whole wk was fun I found 1 few days ago flying around outside . Its really friendly I named it Rio its prefer to get pet lot more than playing tht 's a fun thing. it has a Orange cheeks & mostly white but the main question is, what Gender its is?

  14. Im getting a cockateil this weekend. I am getting a tame one, at least I hope. I was wondering how to toilet train a bird though. Weird question, I know.

  15. O MG I have the same cocktail has you.☺????my cocktails name is skittles what's yours