THE African Grey! Ruby, The Swearing Parrot. X Rated Parrot : 29

Featured video : Copyright (c) Nick Chapman
Our sincere thanks to Nick & Ruby :o)

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  1. It's great to see Ruby back on YouTube. I thought we'd seen the last of her, when all the video's got taken off, sometime ago. Ruby's in a league of her own.

  2. Ruby is truly amazing. Of all the African Grey as I seen on YouTube, I think Ruby is among the most precise and articulate speakers. Fat cunt bye bye!

  3. What a joy to watch still after all this time 😂 You are both a gift to us all xxxxx much love

  4. your sister is clearly trying to contact you. see a medium soon.

  5. we miss you roo and Nick please pop in every now and then ruby makes my life so much better she is the best

  6. Ruby you are my favorite. I hope you will continue to make videos every now and then. If you do that will make my day