The Green Parrot Bar – Key West – Florida

The Green Parrot is one of the oldest Bar in the United States, founded in 1890.
It is located on the island of Key West, is the most southern tip of Florida.
The Green Parrot es uno de los Bares más antiguos de Los Estados Unidos, fundado en 1890.
Está ubicado en la Isla de Key West, es el extremo más al Sur de la Florida.

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  1. Haven't been at the Green Parrot for 16-17 years or Key West. Would have a few at the Green Parrot whenever I was in Key West. Stayed at the Angelina ($40/night) on Angela St. before Robert built the new A/C rooms. The last time I was there, the new A/C rooms were available. The last time in the Green Parrot, I met a man from a restaurant/bar from near the Angelina & we walked to the Green Parrot. He (Irish/Colombian dude) may be somewhat known in Key West (a writer for the local paper…??? Don't recall)…anyway, he became VERY obnoxious, I asked him to leave me alone, he did not…I pushed him away & he fell into some glasses or the juke box; a lot of noise…people looked at me like I did something wrong. BTW, I heard the Green Parrot has become very touristy. When I was there, it seemed to be more of the local crowd…cool. Also, heard Key West has gone downhill (drug cartels, etc. ???)…sorry to hear that. I love Key West; my first time there Spring 1972.